Dr. José Silvino Filho, Consultant at Oliveira Souza Advogados, had substantial participation in the seminar “Alcohol consumption in Brazil: a weight and a measure for everyone,” promoted by the Center for Responsibility in the Trade and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Brazil, of which he is the Executive President.

The event aimed to disseminate informative and demystifying campaigns to consumers and society, launch the #DosesCertas movement, and advocate for regulatory and tax equality among all alcoholic beverages.

To illustrate, here are some enlightening excerpts* from our Consultant, who highlighted the distilled spirits sector:

“Our goal is to promote actions that contribute to a conscious and responsible relationship between society and alcoholic beverages, combating abuse and advocating for equal regulation from all angles, including taxation, and strongly combating the illegal market.”

“How can a segment that represents only 10% of the market alone account for over 30% of the entire revenue of the alcoholic beverage sector in Brazil?”

“The taxation of the distilled spirits sector has already exceeded its optimal point. And all of this is the result of a mistaken perception deeply rooted in the popular imagination: that one beverage is stronger than another when, in fact, what really matters is the amount of alcohol consumed.”

“Therefore, what is supported is that alcohol is alcohol, whether it is fermented or distilled.”

The complete article published in Valor Econômico is worth reading. You can find it at the provided link.

Source: Sponsored article published in Valor Econômico newspaper by the Center for Responsibility in the Trade and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Brazil.

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