Oliveira Souza Advogados, represented by its partner Guilherme de Castro Souza, was present at the inauguration ceremony of the new Secretaries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply – MAPA, held on January 2, 2019.

On this occasion, the Honorable Minister Tereza Cristina swore in the following authorities:

On this occasion, in her speech, the Honorable Minister stated that regarding environmental preservation, an honest discussion should start from a basic premise: Brazil is a country with extremely advanced environmental legislation and has been able to preserve its native forests and riparian forests the most. Our country is a role model to be followed, never a transgressor to be criticized.

Furthermore, regarding the international market competition, she highlighted that as the world’s second-largest food exporter, Brazil has the greatest prospects for expansion and, for this reason, should strive to overcome international barriers sometimes imposed through questionable tariff or sanitary criteria.

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