The Honorable Minister of Agriculture, in a ceremony, inaugurated the new Secretaries.

Oliveira Souza Advogados, represented by its partner Guilherme de Castro Souza, was present at the inauguration ceremony of the new Secretaries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply – MAPA, held on January 2, 2019. On this occasion, the Honorable Minister Tereza Cristina swore in the following authorities: On this occasion, in her speech, […]

Panel on the Integrity Seal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply.

The law firm Oliveira Souza Advogados attended the event held at the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), which was divided into two panels: Perspectives on Public Integrity Actions and Perspectives on Integrity Actions in the Private Sector with a focus on Agribusiness. Both panels discussed integrity from the perspectives of representatives from various […]

The national agriculture sector relies on more modern products and, furthermore, streamlines bureaucracy in the industry.

In a year of opening new markets and strengthening the sector, Brazilian agriculture is increasingly occupying national and international agendas. The projection for 2019 is positive: the Gross Value of Agricultural Production (VBP) is estimated to be the second highest in 30 years. Regarding agricultural pesticides, in September, the Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da União […]

Oliveira Souza Advogados participated in the 1st Workshop of the Regulatory Agenda of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense.

Oliveira Souza Advogados participated in the 1st Workshop of the Regulatory Agenda of the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense. The event aimed to enhance public-private dialogue, providing the private sector with the opportunity to discuss priority regulatory issues of greater relevance to the Brazilian agribusiness chain. According to Dr. Guilherme de Castro Souza, a Partner at […]

An agreement reached between Brazil* and China will promote greater gains and expedite import and export operations.

Brazil and China signed several bilateral agreements on October 25th. One of them aims to bring more agility and predictability to exporters and importers in bilateral trade and reduce the costs associated with customs procedures and storage for companies recognized as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), resulting in increased competitiveness for these companies in international trade. […]

Decree No. 10,139/2019 comes into effect today: thousands of federal normative acts, subordinate to decrees, will be reviewed and consolidated.

The Federal Public Administration has an extensive regulatory stock, sometimes conflicting and even outdated, which generates legal uncertainty for both public servants when applying scattered norms and for the public, whose defense is hindered by various precepts within an uncontrolled collection. In view of the national movement to analyze regulatory impact, effectively manage the regulatory […]

The beverage industry launches the #DosesCertas movement for moderate consumption.

Dr. José Silvino Filho, Consultant at Oliveira Souza Advogados, had substantial participation in the seminar “Alcohol consumption in Brazil: a weight and a measure for everyone,” promoted by the Center for Responsibility in the Trade and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Brazil, of which he is the Executive President. The event aimed to disseminate informative […]

The essentiality of the national Agro.

The combat against the spread of the coronavirus in the country is the responsibility of the governments and everyone. At the same time, there are public services and essential activities that cannot be stopped, among them the Agro (agriculture) and its coordinated chain, from inputs, through rural producers, industries (…) until it reaches the final […]

The deadlines in administrative proceedings are also suspended.

The deadlines in administrative proceedings are also suspended, similar to judicial deadlines (Article 5 of Resolution No. 313, dated March 19, 2020). The Provisional Measure No. 928, dated March 23, 2020, ensured this suspension by inserting Article 6-C into Law No. 13,979, dated February 6, 2020. Unlike judicial deadlines, which were suspended until April 30, […]

Covid19 – Transitional Rules of Private Law of PL 1179/20 from a Business Perspective.

The Bill (PL) No. 1,179/2020 seeks exceptional regulation by establishing the Emergency and Transitional Legal Regime for private law relationships (RJET) during the state of calamity, creating a period of exceptionality for the interpretation and application of several existing laws, aiming to preserve public health, economic, and financial stability in the face of the COVID-19 […]